Here's how works.

We invite you to follow our illustration of how gives your customers access to their data. Follow the sequential frames below, and watch as the brilliance of unfolds. For the purposes of this example, we are using screenshots from the Newtech Recycling account. Of course, when you decide to begin using, you’ll use your own company name!

  • Login Screen
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    Login Screen: Enter your e-mail address and password to login to your company's account.
  • Customer Page
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    Customer Page: Verify that you have material prices properly established for one of your customers, "The Big Box Distribution Company". You can also check to see your email notification preferences for this customer.
  • Job Details
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    Jobs Page: You will enter the service date by selecting it from the calendar...then enter the piece counts and quantities for each material. Note that the unit prices are pre-populated based on what you have selected for this customer. You can make changes to the unit prices on the fly if you wish. The rebate number to the customer is automatically updated for you. Then you simply store this data by pressing "Save." Logout when you are finished.
  • Your Customer's Main Menu
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    Your Customer's Main Menu: Now, imagine that you are the customer, desiring access to your data. Your customer will access the same login screen that you did, and will type in his/her e-mail address and password. However, your customer's main menu looks different from yours. Every time "Big Box Distribution Company" employees access your account on , they will see a branded page with your corporate colors and logo. After login, they have complete access to their recycling data, including most recent activity and all reports. The data can be left as is or printed out.
  • Schedule Pick-up
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    Schedule a Pick-Up: Your customer will no longer have to call or email for a service request. includes a pick-up scheduling feature where your customer may request service, bailing wire, gaylord boxes, etc.  This request is time and date stamped and sent right to you.  It includes the sender's name and email address so there is no confusion about who requested the service."
  • Customer Tonnage Report
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    Your Customer's Tonnage Report Page: If "Big Box" employees want to generate annual or selective-date reports, they don’t have to contact you at all. It’s all right here whenever the customer wants it. The customer can leave it, print it, or even export it to a corporate spreadsheet.
  • Customer Rebate Report
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    Rebate Report Page: At this point, your customer may return to the main menu, make any updates or changes to their company info and preferences, or simply logout.

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